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Services and Treatments at Spa Vitale in San Francisco


Vitale Wellness Massage

Our licensed massage therapists are carefully selected from the best that the city has to offer. Their natural intuition and attention to detail are honed to perfection in order to provide you with the most individualized, therapeutic experience possible. Trained in every standard modality, our therapists take pride in using a variety of tools to complement and enhance your massage. Enjoy a side-by-side massage in our couple's treatment room.

Basic Session $65 ea (25 mins)
Signature Session $110 ea (50 mins)
Deluxe Session $150 ea (80 mins)
Luxury Session $185 ea (110 mins)

Inspired Aromatherapy Massage

This light, mood-enhancing session incorporates the use of organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils to gently promote relaxation and an overall sense of well-being. Choose your preferred essential oil from our stock or have your therapist recommend one based on your goals and needs in the moment. Using a versatile tranquility sphere (an aromatherapy massage ball), your therapist will work on specific pressure points and areas to inspire a truly balancing effect for your body and mind.

Basic Session (1 essential oil) $70 (25 mins)
Signature Session (1 essential oil) $115 (50 mins)
Deluxe Session (2 essential oils) $160 (80 mins)

Herbal Infusion Massage

Drawing from ancient Eastern traditions and created exclusively for Spa Vitale by Thaiyurveda, heated herb-filled compresses are applied during your massage to deliver the most powerful effects of organic, wild-crafted herbal blends. The deep heat increases circulation and eases muscular tension. Pressure points throughout your body are stimulated to unblock your energy. Choose from four (4) custom herbal blends designed to augment your body's own healing and balancing processes. This treatment may include some stretching along with traditional muscle manipulation. Extend the hands-on massage with a luxury session.

Deluxe Session $165 (80 mins)
Luxury Session $195 (110 mins)

Robust Reflexology Massage

Detailed, deep pressure point massage on the feet make this intense foot massage feel almost as exhilarating as a full body massage. Focusing on reflexology points that correspond to the meridians and channels of energy throughout the entire body, this therapeutic modality stimulates your body toward the inner balance it craves. Our deluxe reflexology session includes pressure point work on the hands as well as deep heat for the feet. This is a popular add-on during a facial!

Basic Session $60 (25 mins)
Basic Session + Foot Bath $90 (50 mins)
Signature Session $95 (50 mins)
Signature Session + Foot Bath $125 (80 mins)

Massage Instructional Class for Couples

In this class, you and your partner are taught massage techniques by a Licensed Massage Therapist, first demonstrating hands-on techniques before leading you in your own massage-giving experiences. Each of you will have an opportunity to practice and receive massage on and with your partner. The personalized coaching is customized to each couple's comfort level and interest. Book a massage after your class to enjoy a relaxing massage with your newfound awareness. As a unique bonding experience, this is a favorite for many couples.

Instructional Class $296 (110 mins)

Signature Bathing Ritual

Decompress in our hidden rooftop bamboo garden to renew both body and soul. Your bath water is infused with our lavender bath milk powder made exclusively for Spa Vitale by Thaiyurveda. While your body savors the outside elements, your palate is treated to an herbal beverage and fresh fruit, while soaking away the tension from your eyes with cucumber slices and a cool cloth. The soothing sounds of the music blend in perfectly with the background sounds of the city to create a symphony of serenity that will cleanse your soul and calm your spirit. To enhance this already enchanting service, feel free to select a bath add-IN to customize your experience for maximum relaxation and enjoyment. You may choose from our list of essential oils, a variety of bath salts, or our bath milk powder. It's no wonder that our signature bathing ritual is our most popular service!

One Guest $65 (25 mins)
Two Guests $120 (25 mins)

Herbal Bathing Ritual

Take your bathing ritual to the highest level both physically and herbally, and enjoy a heavenly bath on our bamboo garden rooftop. Our herbal bath teas and essential oil blends have been custom-made for Spa Vitale by Thaiyurveda, each one a potent mix of both powdered and dried herbs that are designed to nurture both body and mind. Used together as part of our Herbal Bathing Ritual, the effect is potent, synergistic, and harmonizing. (Ask about our custom blends) Follow your soothing herbal bath with a therapeutic Herbal Infusion Massage to enjoy a truly harmonizing effect on the body.

One Guest $75 (25 mins)
Two Guests $140 (25 mins)

Revitalizing Back Scrub

Pamper yourself with an exfoliating Himalayan pink salt back and shoulder scrub infused with magnesium oil and essential oils to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. This is a perfect treatment to get before your bathing ritual.

Scrub only $65 (25 mins)
Scrub w/bathing ritual $95 (50 mins)

Energizing Foot Refresher

This popular treat for the feet re-energizes your entire being with a special herbal scrub to exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation, a refreshing peppermint masque, and a leg massage with moisturizing shea butter. Try our foot booster mini-treatment for instant energy.

Basic Foot Refresher Session $65 (25 mins)
Signature Foot Refresher Session $100 (50 mins)

Enzymatic Body Exfoliation

Incorporating the skin-smoothing properties of fruit and plant enzymes (from green apples to green tea), our full body exfoliation gently yet effectively loosens superficial dead skin cells as your therapist smoothes and refines your skin with special mitts and emollients. This unique body treatment includes a quick enzyme-deactivating body soak followed by an application of our super-hydrating body cream.

Body Exfoliation Session $165 (80 mins)

Naturally Luxurious Skin

Our skin care lines are selected to address your lifestyle needs while providing the visible results you seek. Enjoy an organic, non-clinical facial by our skilled therapists to thoroughly relax your face, neck and shoulder muscles while cleansing and hydrating your skin. Our treatment facials, performed by licensed aestheticians, are designed to gently yet effectively restore optimal hydration, maintain skin firmness, and balance skin tone. (Deep pore extractions are performed only with our Purifying Facial.*)


A healthy, organic lifestyle not only applies to what you eat, but also to what you put on your skin. Committed to bringing clinically validated, authentically organic beauty solutions to everyone, Juice Beauty offers innovative, organic beauty solutions, backed by powerful science for the organic spa lifestyle.

Non-Clinical Facials (for all skin types):
Organic Stress Buster Facial $110 (50 mins)
Deluxe Stress Buster Facial (additional massage) $150 (80 mins)

Treatment Facials:
Clarifying Facial (for blemished skin) $140 (50 mins)
Enzymatic Fruit Facial (for sun-damaged skin) $155 (80 mins)
Revitalizing Floral Facial (for mature skin) $160 (80 mins)
*Purifying Facial (w/extractions; for congested skin) $165 (80 mins)

CARITA® Luxury

Spa Vitale is the only spa in San Francisco to carry this quintessential luxury brand, famous around the world not only for its efficacy, but also for the high profile clientele committed to its excellence. Our CARITA services are expertly performed by licensed aestheticians certified to provide CARITA services in the inimitable way they were designed.

Genesis of Youth Skin Firming (for experienced skin) $215 (80 mins)
Lagoon Hydration (for dehydrated skin) $185 (80 mins)
Cotton Softness (for sensitive skin) $180 (50 mins)
Supreme Eye Enhancement add-on (for delicate skin) $60 (25 mins)

Gift Cards are available for purchase at Spa Vitale.

When scheduling your appointment, please be aware that Spa Vitale needs 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your treatment, otherwise you will incur a 50% charge of your scheduled treatment.

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